We continue to provide all services to our customers as provided today.

This change complements our group of services, consulting companies and brands. As foundation of our international business, we operate BidBox GmbH, BidBox Consulting GmbH, BidBox Pvt. Ltd. and SEYRING GmbH.

With our BidBox International Services, the knowledge and expertise of our Senior Consultants and Experts we enable our customers to WIN business.

  • Business Development
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Proposal Preparation

SEYRING Group operates and owns several brands like:

  • bidbox
  • cssc
  • biddirecctive
  • fazon
  • seyring

The BidBox headquarter is in Düsseldorf, Germany and our consultants and experts are located in different German States and Countries.

You can reach our experts directly or connect to our main office:

BidBox GmbH, Hofstrasse 64, 40723 Hilden

Phone: +49 2103 8807810

E-Mail: info@bidbox.org

Internet: www.bidbox.org

Media Contact: Wolfram Seyring

What ever we do, it is always about the answer to the question, how to provide best value to our customers.