This live, online Boot Camp combines Shipley’s 3 core, online courses into one week (3 days).

  • Capturing New Business
  • Winning Executive Summary
  • Writing and Managing Strategic Proposals.

Participants are introduced to a case study that is the basis for teaching and learning. Using the ShipleyOnline learning management system (LMS), participants submit their work for instructor feedback, including a final draft section of a proposal.
A certificate is issued upon successful completion of all 3 courses, which requires attendance at the live sessions, submission of written assignments, and passing a final course exam.
See below for a description of each course.

Capturing New Business

Learn a proven process for capturing strategic business opportunities in any industry. Participants learn high impact skills for qualifying opportunities and strategically positioning their organisations for successful bids. Work on a case study during 1-hour breaks and practice applying tools and techniques.

Course content:

  • Recognizing the customer buying process
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of capture planning
  • Using Pwin (the probability of a win) to evaluate factors leading to a bid/no-bid decision
  • Selecting and qualifying business opportunities of interest, based on rational criteria
  • Employing competitive intelligence in capture planning
  • Analyzing competitors’ positions from the customer’s perspective
  • Refining the capture strategy–discriminators, theme statements, value proposition

Capture Planning is the process to identify the right business opportunities and to prepare a strategy to win the new deal before the tender arrives. The Goal is to get into the „Preferred Position“ by defining the right actions.

Winning Executive Summary

Executive summaries are key elements of your business development documents, often the only part decision- makers will read.

Learn to write them quickly and effectively in this fast-paced workshop. Whether you sell to governments or other businesses, offer products or services, work for a large, established organisation or a small startup, Winning Executive Summaries will give you knowledge and tools to enhance your performance.

Winning Executive Summary is a trainer led learning modul. It’s packed with examples and tips on how to craft a hard-hitting executive summary organized around your customer’s most important issues—the hot buttons. Over the course of the day, through lecture, discussion, and practical exercises, you’ll be guided to actually create a complete executive summary for a proposal. A case study opportunity included in the seminar.

Course content:

  • Principles of customer focus
  • Use of Executive Summaries
  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Writing
  • Examining
  • Revising

The learning modul is organised around the Shipley POWER concept.

Managing and Writing Strategic Proposals

This interactive course builds the proposal management skill set through lecture, discussion, and exercises using a case study. It begins with all necessary steps for planning and effectively managing development of a compliant and compelling sales document.Learn the importance of planning your proposal or proposal section by gathering critical information about the opportunity. Start identifying your solution benefits and discriminators early in the proposal planning process. As information is gathered, organize based on the customer’s preferences to strengthen your probability of winning.

Participants learn the characteristics of customer focused writing–writing that supports the sales message and helps evaluators score the proposal. Theme statements, headings, lists, graphics, and other topics are explored as part of the overall process for writing compelling content. Participants learn the basics of participating in proposal review sessions to revise and strengthen the proposal. They are taught to revise in three stages to ensure compliance and customer focus.

Learn to use a mock-up template that provides a structure for the page layout, design, and production. A review of key learning points is presented and discusses with a final exercise to draft a section of the case study opportunity.

Course Content:

  • Understand the roles, responsibilities, and key competencies of a proposal manager
  • Convert action-based sales strategies into proposal strategies or win themes based on customer hot buttons
  • Develop a comprehensive compliance checklist
  • Create a compliant and detailed proposal outline
  • Make assignments to appropriate contributors to the proposal
  • Prepare for and conduct an effective kickoff meeting, including providing clear instructions to authors and contributors
  • Lead proposal teams in regular and ad hoc status meetings
  • Prepare for and conduct effective proposal reviews and action plans

Who should attend the Boot Camp:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Professionals
  • Proposal Managers
  • Capture Managers

Training Material for the 3 day Boot Camp

  • Student Learning Material
  • Shipley Proposal Guide
  • Tools and Templates
  • Access to Shipley Germany LMS for 6 weeks

Organizational matters:

The three-day seminar will be held online, each day from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm CET.

Course language: English – Course material is in English by default.

Access to Shipley LMS with ID and PW will be distributed 7 days before the Boot Camp.

Please note: Shipley GmbH reserves the right to postpone the seminar date if a minimum number of participants is not reached. You will receive the final confirmation from us at least 1 week before the seminar begins.

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